NVP – Nitro Vanilla Porter (Porter - Other)

The craftsmanship of Vanilla Porter is evidenced in NVP. A variety of malts provide flavors of chocolate, roasted nut, caramel, and coffee. Imported vanilla beans from Papua New Guinea and Madagascar add complex and exotic flavors to this solid porter. The softening effect of nitrogen creates a velvety mouthfeel and highlights the flavors of the malts and vanilla. NVP presents another delicious way to enjoy Vanilla Porter.

NVP’s innovative packaging is nitrogen charged, producing a silky smooth cascading head right inside the can. This allows you to take it anywhere – drinking it from a glass or straight from the can.

(3.80) | 28,950 Ratings
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Smithwick’s (Red Ale - Irish)

Smithwick’s is a clear beer with a rich ruby color and creamy head. Clean and delicate aroma with different individual notes: from the top fermentation by the Smithwick yeast come aromatic esters creating a fruity aroma. The Aroma Hops added late in the boil contribute clean fresh floral notes. Ale Malt contributes aroma hints of biscuit and caramel.
Refreshing and clean taste with a gentle balance of bitterness from the hops added early in the boil, sweet/malty notes from the ale malt, and hints of roast/coffee from the roasted barley.

(3.52) | 189,174 Ratings
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Stella Artois (Lager - Euro)

Stella Artois was first brewed as a Christmas beer in Leuven. It was named Stella from the star of Christmas, and Artois after Sebastian Artois, founder of the brewery. It is brewed to perfection using the original Stella Artois yeast and the celebrated Saaz hops. It is the optimum premium lager, with its full flavour and clean crisp taste.

(3.26) | 376,187 Ratings
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Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA (IPA - American)

A session India Pale Ale brewed with Warrior, Amarillo & ‘Mystery Hop X.’ A powerful East Coast I.P.A. with a lot of citrusy hop character.

(3.88) | 297,763 Ratings
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Budweiser (Lager - North American Adjunct)

Known as “The King of Beers,” Budweiser was first introduced by Adolphus Busch in 1876 and it’s still brewed with the same high standards today. Budweiser is a medium-bodied, flavorful, crisp American-style lager. Brewed with the best barley malt and a blend of premium hop varieties, it is an icon of core American values like optimism and celebration.

(2.53) | 292,896 Ratings
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Bud Light (Lager - American Light)

Bud Light is brewed using a blend of premium aroma hop varieties, both American-grown and imported, and a combination of barley malts and rice. Its superior drinkability and refreshing flavor makes it the world’s favorite light beer.

(2.26) | 326,621 Ratings
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Coors Light (Lager - American Light)

Coors Light is Coors Brewing Company’s largest-selling brand and the fourth best-selling beer in the U.S. Introduced in 1978, Coors Light has been a favorite in delivering the ultimate in cold refreshment for more than 25 years. The simple, silver-toned can caught people’s attention and the brew became nicknamed the “Silver Bullet” as sales climbed.

(2.35) | 299,843 Ratings
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Rolling Rock (Lager - North American Adjunct)

(2.78) | 112,805 Ratings
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Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale (Pumpkin / Yam Beer)

A crisp and refreshing wheat ale with delightful aromatics and subtle spiced flavor.

(3.59) | 106,965 Ratings
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Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (Pale Ale - American)

Our most popular beer, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is a delightful interpretation of a classic style. It has a deep amber color and an exceptionally full-bodied, complex character. Generous quantities of premium Cascade hops give the Pale Ale its fragrant bouquet and spicy flavor.

(3.65) | 353,070 Ratings
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